Finally, we are so proud to introduce to you the second book of “Uni & Drago” series: “Uni & Drago – A fun Boring day”. The books are available in both hardcover and ebook version for you to enjoy.

“Uni & Drago – a fun Boring day” tells the story of one of those Boring days that Uni and Drago have. They did not have any plans: No birthday, no party, no flying class, … nothing …

What should they do?

What changed their day? 

Jump in and follow Uni & Drago’s fun and colorful journey to find out what turned their boring day to such a fun day!

Through this story, I want to remind our kids that: having a boring day, or having no exciting plans is normal. Just relax and enjoy all the nature and world around and you may find some surprise fun just next to you.